Appell Dental Group is a family owned and operated dental practice, specializing in state of the art cosmetic and general dentistry. Founded by Dr. Seymoure Appell in 1939, Appell Dental Group has always been focused on treating patients with the most up to date and current technologies that exist. With over 140 years of combined dental experience, Drs. Stuart, Lester, Joel, and Aaron work together to provide comprehensive care in a relaxed atmosphere. At Appell Dental Group, all the doctors work collectively as a team approach to patient care. We, as general dentists, cover all the specialty areas of dentistry under one roof.

It is not uncommon to meet several of the doctors depending on your dental needs. Dr. Aaron is our premier Invisalign provider; Dr. Lester performs oral surgery, periodontal and implant-related surgeries; Dr. Joel performs many of our cosmetic procedures as well as simple to complex root canal therapy. Dr. Stuart treats our geriatric patients and makes removable appliances such as dentures and partials.

We currently use digital x-ray imaging as well as Carivu, a non x-ray density scanning camera, to find and treat early decay. We are using a Cerec digital impression scanner to make crown and bridge appointments significantly easier and quicker for patients.

No more messy impressions! Please call Appell Dental Group to schedule your appointment today. The doctors are currently accepting new patients! 847-255-2121